Our Process

Berner in the House

Paws and Relax

Our  goal is to treat your pet as our valued client.  We want them to walk through our doors and relax.  There are no cages! At the same time dogs are not freely roaming the salon area.  We have designed “Pethouses”. Our Pethouses are unique to the industry.  Each consists of a separate fenced area with  a bed and water.  You are welcome to bring a toy or bed from home. For anxious pets these can provide great comfort.

I have found some great music that has been designed specifically to help dogs relax (You may not hear this all the time, as I need to dance every once in a while).  In summary –  we will be clean, caring and professional.  We will operate honestly and with integrity and we will treat your dog gently and respectfully.

Creature Comforts

Take comfort in being assured that I purchase only the finest products to be used on or shared with your dogs.  I hand-select all items, from the shampoo I use on your dog to the collars and cards in the retail area to make sure they are without harmful ingredients.  I try to buy American, but often find wonderful natural products in Italy and Canada that I just have to share with my canine customers.

Greeting and Check In

Upon arriving at the salon, you will be greeted.  If this is your first visit, you will be asked to complete a registration form. We want to verify that shots are up-to-date, we have accurate contact information, as well as emergency information (we don’t expect emergencies, this is a precaution). I will conference with you to learn your expectations and examine your dog.

A “before” picture will be taken – how fun to see a before and after! Together we can review hair and skin to identify conditions that we can address.  For example your dog may have dry skin, oily skin and/or shed a great deal.  Together we will determine the type of style you want for your dog – I will listen to you.


Once your dog is checked in, they will be brushed to loosen dirt and remove mats if necessary.  Nails will be clipped and ears cleaned. Then it is on to the bathtub for a double shampoo, conditioning and teeth cleaning. The majority of dogs love their bath; the scrubbing is like a massage.

Special needs will be addressed in the tub – hot oil treatments for dry skin, clay masks for oily skin and/or de-shedding treatments – these are all options.  From the tub, we move to the drying process. Once the coat is fully dry, we will move to the styling area.  It is here that your dog will be cut and styled to your specifications.  Depending upon the age of the pet, breaks may be required and rest time will be provided in our private pen-houses. Finishing touches will be provided. An after picture will be taken (typically this is done for your first visit only).

That’s it!  Your Sweet Pea is ready for pick-up.

Special Services

Home Visits

Home visits are available for special circumstances.  Please call for additional information.

Special Scheduling

Our hours vary throughout the week,  Tuesday through Saturday.  Some clients require special scheduling – early, late. Typically these time frames are reserved for puppies and Seniors.

Special Treatments

dog spa

Hot Oil Treatments for Dry Skin

These are designed for dogs with dry skin who require that moisture be put back into their coats.  There is a difference between conditioners and moisturizers.  Conditioner conditions the hair only.  Moisturizers are heavier and add oil to the hair follicles.  Lavender oil is added for a calming effect.

Mud Wraps for Oily Skin

Mud wraps do the opposite of a hot oil treatment; they dry out oily skin.  This is especially good for Yorkshire Terriers and Cocker Spaniels and any dog with oily skin.  Dogs are rinsed with a Lemongrass “tea”.  Lemongrass is a natural bug repellent and a coat clarifying degreaser.

Sauna Wrap

This is perfect for dogs that require a medicated shampoo or have a yeast condition.

The Diversity of the Dog


Different types of dogs require different levels of effort. It isn’t always based on size, although in this instance size is a factor. People ask me “what do you charge to groom a dog”. This is not an easy question to answer. I can provide a range, responding that the cost typically ranges from $40 to $200. This answer doesn’t really answer their question. Before I can answer this question, I need to ask a few:


How big is your dog?

The amount of time required to groom a Chihuahua versus a Great Dane is significant. There is a lot more real estate on the Great Dane. Yet these breeds have a similar coat type. The size of the dog affects the cost.


What is the condition of your dog’s coat?

The more frequently your pet is groomed, the better their coat condition. Is it simply dirty, or is it matted to the skin? A coat that is just dirty requires a good bath. A matted coat requires lots of brushing and other dematting techniques as well as special products in the tub. The condition of the coat affects the cost.


What kind of personality does your dog have?

Just like people dogs can be easy going or cranky. Some can be downright mean (although in my experience this has been very rare). If you have a well trained pup with a nice personality, he will require less effort than one who is challenging my every move or attempting to bite me. The personality of your dog will affect the cost.


How long is your dog’s coat?

A Collie and a Dalmatian are relatively the same size; yet a Collie will take at least twice as long to dry. The length of your dog’s hair can affect the cost.


How complex is the style you want?

Do you want a puppy cut for your Shih Tzu or a show cut for your Standard Poodle? One style requires significantly more time than the other. So the complexity of your dog’s style will affect the cost. Different types of dogs require different levels of effort. It isn’t always based on size, although in this instance size is a factor.

As you can see, one price does not fit all.

People sometimes question why it can cost as much to groom their dog as they pay for their haircut.  I don’t think we are comparing apples to apples here.  When you get your hair cut, the process includes having your hair washed, dried and cut – maybe colored.  If you want to get waxed or have your nails done this is extra.  When your dog is groomed they are getting a facial and a bath.  They are getting their ears cleaned, their teeth cleaned, a manicure and a pedicure, a blow dry and a styled cut.  So now I ask you, total up what it would cost you for a good hair cut, a manicure, a pedicure, a teeth cleaning, a facial and to have your ears cleaned.  I believe this total would be significantly more expensive than your dog’s trip to Divine Dogs.  Cost of a well-groomed dog?  Priceless!

About Mats


Different types of coats mat differently. From double coats to silky long hair, fur can mat in clumps and spots. Matted coats can cause a variety of skin and health problems.

Please understand that some dogs are more likely to mat than others.  You are not being judged, we all do our best.  Regardless of how they got there, removing mats can be painful and stressful. We will only remove mats to the point that your pet is comfortable. If your dog has mats, a dematting solution will be incorporated into their bath.

If your dog is seriously matted, there are 3 options:

Option 1: we can give the dog a “very” short cut and remove all the mats.
Option 2: we can brush out mats at a cost of $55 per hour and give you dog breaks to relax.
Option 3: we can show you how to brush out the mats and you can do this.  We will show you our technique and recommend the proper tools.

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